10 February 2021
CAR CUPID: Valentine’s gifts for that car guy

If you’ve struggled with Valentine’s gifts for your car-loving partner, fret no more! These famous car brands have got you covered.

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, and like many others, maybe you’ve got a nice romantic evening lined up. Perhaps you’ve even booked a staycation for the long weekend too. Whether you’ve made restaurant reservations a whole month in advance, or have a cosy celebration at home planned, chances are, you’ve also got some gifts ready.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day gifting revolves around flowers and chocolates, but what if neither of these suits your SO’s tastes? Now, if you happen to be dating a car enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. Not only have we got some great tips on getting to know them better, here’s a list of car brands that sell more than just cars. If your loved one happens to be big fan, Valentine’s gifts from one of these would surely make his evening, or any other occasion, for that matter.

Smell great with Ferrari, Jaguar and Tonino Lamborghini

Charismatic, sophisticated, uncompromising. That’s how these powerful brands model their cars and how they hope wearers of their perfume would feel too. Best of all, these scents are reasonably priced and won’t break your bank or his by the time he needs a new bottle.

Buy online here: Ferrari | Jaguar | Tonino Lamborghini

Accessorise with Lamborghini and Volkswagen

If wearing cologne is not really your guy’s cup of tea, car brands have no shortage of fashionable accessories that are both aesthetic and functional. Whether he prefers bold looks that clearly spell out his favourite brand, or more subtle leather-embossed goods, Lamborghini and Volkswagen carry a range of premium leather goods and more that will leave you spoiled for choice.

Buy online here: Lamborghini | Volkswagen

Tell the time with MINI Cooper

Moving on to my personal favourite on the list — skip ahead if you’re the superstitious type. But, if you’re not worried the bad luck buying your partner a watch brings, MINI Cooper offers some intricately designed time pieces that sport the iconic Wing logo. (I particularly love the red stitching on this piece.)

Buy online here: MINI Cooper

Get a full range with Porsche

Bags, shoes, belts… You name it, Porsche’s got it. Porsche Design and Porsche Driver’s Collection boast a wide collection of premium men’s accessories, clothing, shoes, and even a handful of home goods. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or sophisticated and chic, Porsche’s got it covered.

Buy online here: Porsche Design | Porsche Driver’s Selection

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