21 April 2023
Volkswagen Premiers its Efficiency Championing ID.7

VW says the ID.7 can travel up to 700km on a single charge.

The upper mid-size sedan/four-door coupe class is now seeing more competition in the electric vehicle (EV) segment, and Volkswagen (VW) has thrown its hat into the ring with the ID.7.

Make no mistake about it, the ID.7 is pretty long at almost five metres, a size where luxury sedans would usually sit in standard wheelbase format.

Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars is quoted as saying “With the ID.7 we are taking the next step in our electric offensive. The limousine offers a high level of comfort and long ranges. Already by 2026, we will offer the widest electric range of all manufacturers in Europe – from the entry-level model for less than 25,000 euros up to the ID.7 as the new top model within the ID. family. Our goal is to achieve an electric car share of 80 per cent in Europe by 2030. As from 2033, Volkswagen will produce only electric vehicles in Europe.”

So now we know where the ID.7 sits on VW’s electrified totem pole.

The ID.7 is the first model built on the modular electric drive matrix or MEB platform, and sports a brand new electric drivetrain that is said to be more efficient than those that came before.

With 286bhp on tap, this drive motor is the most powerful and torquey-est electric motor that VW has ever used in its vehicles.

Depending on the size of battery fitted, range of up to 700km and a maximum charging capacity of up to 200kW are not out of the question. In order to achieve its impressive range figure, VW has made the ID.7 aerodynamic with a drag coefficient of around 0.23. Interior space is catered to via its long wheelbase and short overhangs, meaning the ID.7’s interior packaging is done uber efficiently.

On the inside, the ID.7 is festooned with technology as expected. A 15-inch infotainment screen sits proud on the dashboard and is able to control all manner of creature comforts and tech gizmos via its touchscreen. It is a tad disappointing to see VW doubling down on touchscreen climate controls though, although the temperature sliders are now backlit.

The seats are of the massaging variety, and optional adaptive seat Climatronic can also be specified to heat and cool the bum and back as needed. A dimmable panoramic sunroof allows natural light to bathe the ID.7’s cabin, making it feel more airy and roomy than it already is.

One can also rock out to a 700-watt sound system courtesy of long-time VW audio partner Harmon Kardon, with 14 high-end speakers including a boot-mounted subwoofer.

The ID.7 will also feature something that VW calls “Travel Assist”, which uses swarm data to take over lateral and longitudinal control of the EV when activated – in other words, a smarter version of adaptive cruise control, but this will only be available in select European countries.

Also available is parking with memory function which, over a distance of 50 metres, allows the driver to park the ID.7 while sitting inside, or while standing outside via the smartphone app.

We’ll report back if and when the ID.7 comes to Singapore and becomes available for press review.

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