05 August 2020
AUTOAPP PROACTIVE: The best car sanitisation service in Singapore

Been following us on our social media channels? If so, you’ve likely seen ‘AutoApp ProActive’ mentioned in several of our posts. If it’s piqued your interest, here’s why some people are calling it the best car sanitisation treatment in Singapore.

Let AutoApp arrange this service for you. Click here to make an online booking, or download the app below.

Precaution is everything when it comes to dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Afterall, the last thing you want is to avoid becoming a COVID-19 statistic.

To keep your car virus-free, AutoApp has created a unique car sanitising service that’s arguably one of the most comprehensive in the market. Here’s why:

1. Active disinfectant gives your car lasting protection

Conventional alcohol-based cleansers and wipes may be sufficient to kill most viruses on contact. Unfortunately, the car interior or other surfaces become susceptible immediately after the alcohol evaporates. This could happen just seconds after cleaning.

High contact areas are carefully wiped down with an active disinfectant.

AutoApp takes disinfection to the next level by using an active disinfectant from Australia that continues to kill germs and viruses for between 7 and 60 days after application. For high contact areas, the disinfectant remains effective for seven days or 200 touches. In low contact areas, the disinfectant remains active for up to 60 days.

Independent swab tests prove how effective AutoApp ProActive really is.

2. Anti-bacterial fogging removes harmful airborne contaminants

As a first step to the fogging process, touchable areas are treated with an active disinfectant. These include areas like the steering wheel, door handles, gear knob, switches and touchscreens. The air in the cabin, as well as air-conditioning ducts and vents, also get a thorough fogging with an alcohol-free, all natural sanitiser. This helps kill harmful airborne contaminants that may still linger in the air.

3. Interior vacuum gets rid of dust and dirt particles

The AutoApp ProActive car sanitising service includes a thorough interior vacuum as well. Your car will definitely look as clean as it smells after this thoughtful step!

4. Doorstep service for greater convenience

AutoApp is all about the ultimate in convenience. We don’t want our customers to lift a finger – except only to book our services from our app, of course!

To keep things mobile, we’ll go to wherever you are to sanitise your car!

Our Service Ambassadors are all set to bring you the best car sanitisation service in Singapore!

Let AutoApp arrange this service for you. Click here to make an online booking, or download the app below.