26 April 2024
Porsche Safari Experience awaits in 2025

Fancy going on a 5,500km rally-prepared Porsche Safari? You’ll need EUR 66,900 and 19 days in June 2025.

Here’s one for the bucket list. Driving across Africa in a rally-spec Porsche 911. To do this previously, you might have needed to be named Walter Röhrl or be funded by a tobacco giant, or even both…

Fortunately, such an adventure is now possible for us mere mortals to experience first-hand. Thanks to operators such as KALMAR Beyond Adventure, you could have a unique opportunity to drive over 5,500km through the desert, savanna, mountains and grasslands, passing through five African countries, behind the wheel of a rally Porsche.

Set to be held from 1-19 June 2025, the Trans-Africa 2025 adventure offers its guests a unique 19-day guided trip through five countries, including Angola, that will push the boundaries of both automotive and human exploration and endurance, by day balanced with immersive experiences and the finest accommodation available by night.

Porsche Safari Experience

Limited to no more than 14 participants per group, the event promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Naturally, it doesn’t cheap with packages starting at EUR 66,900 (SGD 97,606). While this might sound like a princely sum for a 19-day vacation, the work that has gone into the cars on offer certainly puts things into perspective. 

Guests can choose from specially prepared Porsches, either modern or classic, sports cars or SUVs, outfitted by KALMAR Beyond Adventure.

The Porsche 911s include the air-cooled, RS-R G-Series, 964/993-based KALMAR RS and the water-cooled 996-based KALMAR RS-6 – its newest creation.

Alongside sits the KALMAR RS-C, based on a 987-generation Porsche Cayman, while the KALMAR CS and KALMAR CS-R are created from variants of the Porsche Cayenne. It’s even possible to swap cars mid-route to experience all the vehicle types during the event.

Each car boasts a robust specification with roll-cage, sports seats, raised suspension with rally-specification shock absorbers, full under-body protection and rugged off-road tyres. Other Safari-spec essentials include spare wheels and fuel cans to complete the Safari look.

Alternatively, owners can bring their own Porsche safari-specification car. Or for considerably extra, customers can commission the company to build them a bespoke rally Porsche for keeps. Possibly, the ultimate souvenir.

For every trip, service and medical crews carry essential parts and equipment to enable participants to focus on the experience.

Accommodations you can look forward to

KALMAR Beyond Adventure promises the chance to completely unwind each night. Rest is assured by superb accommodation, with participants staying in Africa’s finest lodges and villas.

Guests will also have the chance to visit sites such as Victoria Falls, local markets and game reserves. Far from the tourist routes, they will also savour delicious local cuisine and unpolluted views of the night’s cosmic sky.

The tour organizer and company’s founder, Jan Kalmar, is a self-described Danish petrolhead, racer and adventurer whose CV includes managing several Le Mans teams.

He also names nine-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen as a business partner in his parent company, KALMAR Automotive. 

KALMAR is known for organizing driving holidays that are quite literally off the beaten track. It is also organising similar driving expeditions to Morocco, Namibia, the Alps, the Himalayas, Australia, and possibly more. 

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Photo Credits: KALMAR Beyond Adventure

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