23 August 2023
Škoda Kodiaq owners set largest NDP meet-up in Singapore

Škoda Kodiaq owners created an automotive spectacle during Singapore’s 58th National Day, as they came together for the largest ever Kodiaq owners meet-up ever recorded in the country.

Originally planned to feature 58 cars in honour of Singapore’s 58th birthday, the final response from the Kodiaq community totalled an impressive turnout of 66 cars.

The event, hosted by Kodiaq SG and supported by Škoda Singapore, allowed Kodiaq owners to celebrate their shared passion for the refined, spacious, and versatile SUV.

Jonathan Loh, President of Kodiaq SG, mentioned, “Bound by our passion for the Škoda Kodiaq, we orchestrated a truly remarkable event. The outpouring of enthusiasm from our Kodiaq community left us astounded. 66 cars, surpassing all expectations, converged in an unforgettable automotive display. It was the perfect occasion to celebrate our shared love for the refined, spacious, and versatile Kodiaq SUV.”

“This meet-up was a testament to the strong bond that Škoda Kodiaq owners share,” added David Nah, General Manager of Škoda Singapore. “The overwhelming response showcased the enthusiasm and camaraderie within the Kodiaq community.”

The event not only provided a platform for Kodiaq owners to unite but also emphasised the SUV’s popularity and relevance in Singapore’s automotive landscape. To date, Kodiaq SG has 250 active members and is growing.

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