27 June 2024
Maserati MC20 Icona & MC20 Leggenda – Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of The MC12

We love a good homage spec car, and the new Maserati MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda are truly beautiful.

Maserati is back in the spotlight with two new releases: the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda.

These special series celebrate the 20th anniversary of Maserati’s triumphant return to racing in 2004 with the legendary MC12.

The MC12, first unleashed as a road version, quickly became a benchmark in GT championships. It inspired the Maserati MC20 super sports car, which heralded a new era for the brand in 2020 with its V6 Nettuno engine.

Now, Maserati pays homage to this racing heritage with two limited editions of 20 units each.

The MC20 Icona’s livery will remind fans of one of Maserati’s most iconic cars – the MC12 Stradale from 2004.

This special edition sports the same colours, a nod to the Maserati Trofeo Light and the Birdcage Type 61 that competed in the 24 Hours of Daytona. It spots a Bianco Audace Matte and Blu Stradale livery, with exclusive details from the Fuoriserie personalisation programme.

The Fuoriserie programme brings a touch of refinement with the Maserati Fuoriserie logo in Bianco Audace near the rear wheels, and the Italian flag logo positioned under the MC20 lettering on the door.

The chrome-plated wheels with a specific Trident design feature silver hubcaps contrasting in blue. Even the brake callipers are painted blue, and the auto-dimming mirrors and carbon fibre engine cover complete the look.

The MC20 Leggenda, true to its name, dons a livery in Nero Essenza and Digital Mint Matte, echoing the award-winning MC12 GT1 of the Vitaphone Racing team. This team brought home three victories and two runner-up finishes at the 24 Hours of Spa.

Fuoriserie features of the MC20 Leggenda include trident wheels in Nero Lucido with Nero Opaco and Trident Digital Mint hubcaps. The Trident logo in yellow graces the grille, doors, C-pillars, along with black-painted brake callipers.

Both the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda come with racing interiors featuring lightweight 4-way monocoque racing seats.

The Icona’s central section is in Nero/Blu on a silver background, while the Leggenda’s is in Nero on a silver background. Trident embroidery on the headrests don the words “Icona” or “Leggenda”.

Under the hood, a badge proudly states “ICONA. UNA DI 20” or “LEGGENDA. UNA DI 20,” marking their exclusivity.

Inside, you’ll find the sophisticated Sonus faber sound system, carbon fibre interior package, electronic limited-slip differential (E-LSD), suspension lifter, blind spot and rear cross path systems, and premium mats.

With these two new models, Maserati continues to embody the passion for racing that has defined the brand for over a century.

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